The story of Bonkichi

Practice Bonsai at night.  Japanese White Pine
working on Bonsai

We made own bonsai bench. But, We didn’t have enough time to working on our bonsai.   Tomomi is still on the apprenticeship. She doesn’t have time. But, I’m running own bonsai business. But, I keep working for others. Not enough time.   So we can practice at night. I upload short movie on YouTube and some detail CRAZY WORKS that for CRAZY members.   I want to share more…

Shimpaku:Juniperus chinensis
working on Bonsai

CRAZY had touched this shimpaku.

working on Bonsai

“Wiring” “Repotting” “Decandling” Normally we don’t work these three working in a year. But, This tree CRAZY had touched to wiring on winter and repotting on spring. Also Oyakata agree to decandling☆ Its unusual.

Needs Poison
working on Bonsai

Crazy pic up worms when he saw it. But, Better to spray poison. Because, hard to see it and too many worms.

Almost Final Scene
working on Bonsai

We started Mekiri:Decandle festival on big bonsai. The smallest bonsai is the end of festival. So we feel “almost final”.

Particular about Trimming
working on Bonsai

CRAZY wants to show smooth fin branch structure. Thats why he wants to clean up every top of branch.

Pause Again
working on Bonsai

CRAZY took rest of Mekiri:Decandle festival again.

working on Bonsai

Mekiri:Decandle festival in session at Daijuen. But, customer took in to the workshop to wiring.

working on Bonsai

Crazy repotted this monster “Zuisho” JWP on spring. But, There were so many worm of scasrab having big lunch party in the pot. They eat root of Zuisho.

working on Bonsai

Can you see bottom of spring bud that doesn’t have new needle. That area never get back bud.

working on Bonsai

Winter is good season of wiring on JBP. Also after decandling is good too.

Decandling at Customers House 1
working on Bonsai

Some bonsai master said to CRAZY, “Is that working clothes?”

working on Bonsai

Mekiri:Decandling all day long!

Decandle festival is held on
working on Bonsai

JBP:Japanese Black Pine and JRP:Japanese Red Pine are double flush pines. These are easy to make second bud before winter in our climate.href=””>Mekiri:Decandle Festival for two months☆

End of the 1st Season
working on Bonsai

We can do “Metsumi” many times par year. This is the last Tosho of the first trimming season on 2016. But, This tree’s owner did “Metsumi” few weeks ago. Already started to grow second bud. Owner order me just cleanup and repotting.                   Owner did strong cut back and he did not leave new bud on top of branch. You should leave bud on top of branch. Other way you make brown needles.               Look at red circle please, that top of branch didn’t leave new bud. That will be turn brown soon. Yellow circle have new bud. […]

working on Bonsai

Just keep working on Tosho for a month. This is the first Tosho of Crazy Work on 2016. Better to removed old needles, dosen’t it?                 Here is the second bud.               This is almost last Tosho of first Metumi. I leave some long spring buds on bottom half to make bigger branch pads. I did not remove old needles yet. in the few days,,,        

Moriyama Collection
working on Bonsai

Crazy and Takuchan went to Moriyama collection to cleanup Shimpaku juniper.           Also pinch off spring buds.           to make room for good grow.               Crazy wants to wiring this shimpaku.

working on Bonsai

Crazy loved to remove old needles on the first trimming of Tosho:Juniperus rigida/needle juniper. I had started to pull the buds off on 3 days ago.  

working on Bonsai

I had touched to wiring on February and repotting on March. Growing goooood☆ Makes me happy!!     But, Now on Tosho season.  

Degeiko Handa
working on Bonsai

I had touched to repotting few months ago. Growing good! made me happy☆  

Too Hot!
working on Bonsai

Today, Around Daijuen goes to 31℃/87.8 °F. Its too hot for after trimmed Tosho.   We made cover to protect to burning. Sensitive new buds.     Oyakata sold this tree that I had touched on May. too hot.        

Shimpukuji Collection
working on Bonsai

I had worked on shimpaku juniper to wiring and repotting some trees on this few days. But, Its on Tosho season now.             Don’t leave stain on dead wood. Thats makes rot and weak.                    I brushup dead wood. Then start to ship Spring bud when waiting to dry.       How is this?                  

Trachelospermum asiaticum
working on Bonsai

I had touched Okada Collection.  

Season of Juniperus Rigida
working on Bonsai

Juniperus rigida called Tosho:杜松☆           Don’t touch weak branch.             a hour later, I did just parts of crown. I picked Spring buds and removed old needles.           Crazy trimmed under the lady beetle. Lady beetle loved aphid for lunch party. So Crazy treat her sincerely and warmheartedly.             Bonsai Crazy Okada joint us.         After Crazy      

Preparations for Ryokufuten
working on Bonsai

I had touched this Japanese maple to preparations Ryokufu exhibition.             Maples are brachiate. I cut off just long one to show the trunk.           Better?         When Crazy was in Tugaru, Oyakata and Mamoru spray poison that germicide and pesticide. But, I found aphid on branch of Chojubai Chojubai is sensitive to poison. So Mamoru killed it by finger.   Thats youngest apprentice work☆       Also we removed flower and sucker.    

Sunny with Occasional Bonsai
working on Bonsai

I got back to Daijuen and I hod worked on this Japanese Black Pine.             You should not leave stump.         Better?         Don’t wrap wire short turn. Other way, You can stay wire much longer.         Too much cut in wire mean makes looks not good.             Crazy and Oyakata came here to pic up bonsai this afternoon. No way to carry out. Oyakata thrown bonsai and Crazy received it.         Do you want to be apprentice?     Its Great LIFE☆            

Trip to Tugaru
working on Bonsai

Few hours later since started date of 14th April. I left Toukaien that bonsai nursery in Chubu:middle area of Japan. Driving 13 hours to get Tugaru:north area of Japan. *I lost car license when I diagnosed epilepsy.               Around Chubu area, cherry tree time to all green. Not blooming yet around Tugaru.                         It was working trip!                 We got there on 14th afternoon. Just blooming apple bonsai..                   Tea time on 15th. Toukaien master Mitsuya and Gasyoen master Osugi. […]

Time to Wisteria
working on Bonsai

When blooming wisteria in the garden of Oyakata.         I removed old needles on this Japanese Red Pine.       After Crazy             New buds lookes red, dose’t it?           Also flower too.            

Repotting Everyday
working on Bonsai

You know this type of pot. Hard to take off tree.               I removed old soil on bottom and cut off big roots.   Can you see? I leave small roots.           Also side and top too.   Take care when you touch root.               Set up new home.                     Still I want to cut some roots.     I will about 5 years later….   I hope.     Also I nip some buds to make balance.     Better before make needles when […]

Changed Pot
working on Bonsai

I had touched this tree a month ago.               Crazy is very happy to see Spring buds.       Took off from pot.         I removed old soil under the tree and cut off long roots.                 Also I took off old soil around the trunk too. But, Crazy did not cut roots with out damaged roots.               Which pot do you like? 久田佳山造:Kubota Keizan 常滑:Tokoname       喜仙造:Kisen 常滑:Tokoname     Oyakata pic up these two pot.             Crazy choose […]

Okada Collection
working on Bonsai

I’m very honored to touch tree.   You can see some photo on Crazy Work.        

Working in ToyamI
working on Bonsai

We left Daijuen at 5 am to go to Toyama. Great Collection dosen’t it?             and great lunch too☆ 1st dish           2nd         I didn’t take photo for 3rd. This is 4th dishes.         Good food makes good work! I came here to repotting. But, I removed old needles nearly all day.             Oyakata repotted this Japanese Black Pine.             Good food makes good works☆             This is Takuchan.          

Repotting Festival at Moriyama Collection
working on Bonsai

Team Aichien helped Team Daijuen to repotting Moriyama Collection.         Crazy had touched this Japanese White Pine.       Takuchan Helped Crazy until remove pot.             Until finished bottom of tree.           I cut off many roots, After reomve old soil.             I did bottom up. So do you want to cut any root on this photo?         Do you know which roots I removed?       I made roots structure when I tie from under the pot.         Don’t make any room in the […]

Repotting Season
working on Bonsai

Before Crazy  30th March   fresh soil  30th March     waiting new soil. 31st March     Before Crazy 1st April         Start at bottom.       I cut many roots after removed old soil.       clean up around trunk too.         new soil     I had ordered rewiring this shimpaku Juniper around May.      

2nd days of Shimpuku temple
working on Bonsai

Just greeting trees before go to Shimpuku temple at Daijuen. I had touched this tree on 21st of February.     Repotting festival at Shimpuku temple☆    

Shimpuku Temple
working on Bonsai

  Team Daijuen repotting at Shimpuku temple.   and Oyakata on TV! 25

Repotting Good Trees
working on Bonsai

I had touched good trees everyday for 8 years! Specially today☆ I repotted some Kokufu prize trees with Oyakata:Daijuen Master. The first, This Japanese Black Pine called Mizuho:瑞穂.       Good tree, isn’t it?       Good condition☆       This is Oyakata:Toru Suzuki who is the third generation of Daijuen.       I worked this tree with Oyakata. It was so happy time.       We removed old soil.         Oyakata planning to change pot.           We choose same pot as before. Kiryu Suna medium size       Then small size.         Oyakata […]

Repotting Japanese White Pine
working on Bonsai

I had continued repotting after we got back Daijuen from working trip. This white pine is private collection. We look after at Daijuen.   Before Repotting Its good one, isn’t it?       without pot           The first, I take off old soil at bottom. I removed old soil under the yellow line.         I cut off roots and made flat under the tree.                 Also I dig out roots around trunk. Better to make good structure when you planting new pot.           We put soil without any room in the […]

Trip to Ito 2016
working on Bonsai

  I like repotting!

Kojima Collection
working on Bonsai

  We move to Kawasaki city to work on Kojima Collection. I had touched this monster pine.     Monster?       I found around 30 worms in the pot. That worm eat root. That why nothing root in red circle.       I removed old soil. and take off worm.     Good root on left side, worm eat root at middle and I don’t touch at right side yet.         I potted new soil after removed every old soil and worms. Then I pray.     We had repotted around 10 trees.    

Trip to Setagaya
working on Bonsai

  We left Daijuen at 5:30 to repotting Matsuhisa Collection in Setagaya, Tokyo.     I had touchec big white pines and Black pines.     We removed old soil around trunk first for this tree.       Great black pine, isn’t it?     very good condition☆

Repotting Season
working on Bonsai

All day repotting Before Crazy             I removed old soil and trimming to make root structure.         This is Momiji:Japanese Maple. I was so honored to touch this bonsai. Because, Oyakata;Master loved this tree.           Getting Crazy     After Crazy  

Repotting Festival☆
working on Bonsai

Bonsai looks better after repotting. But,My hands are so much rough.    

Repotting Moriyama Collection
working on Bonsai

ThisRepotting festival in Moriyama Collection☆ He is Takucyan who is Banto/apprentice leader of Daijuen.         I had touched many great bonsai.       Here is bottom of pot.     I removed old soil and cut off the roots.     Blue means after trimming and red one before.         Oyakata check. Because, He loved that tree.         Also he potting too. He set medium size of Kiryuusuna first that good to drain. Next, Same size of Akadama:3 and Kiryuu:7. Also that soil mixed bamboo charcoal too.       He joggle tree to choose front and makes no room under […]

Prepare to Kokufu 2016
working on Bonsai

    I took off from growing pot.