Degeiko Handa

  • Published: 2016.5.24
  • author: crazy

I had touched to repotting few months ago.

Growing good! made me happy☆





I had touched this shimpaku juniper today.






Takuchan other shimpaku, Tosho for Oyakata.

I removed old needles.




Pull the buds off. Thats main trimming.

Do you know how much pull off?

Thats depends on growth condition and what do you want to do.

I pull off strong around top of tree. Leave much longer on bottom branches.

Also I did not pull the bud off which is planning to make bigger branch pad and weak branch.








Did you see this needle foliage on shimpaku juniper?

Thats mean not much sunshine or not much through wind.

Sometimes too much water or not much manurial deficiency.

There is many probable cause.

But, I can say just not good.





After Crazy


I did not touch right low branch pad.