• Published: 2016.5.29
  • author: crazy

Crazy loved to remove old needles on the first trimming of Tosho:Juniperus rigida/needle juniper.

I had started to pull the buds off on 3 days ago.



Half way to go at end of 1st day.


I would finish just half day if I did not remove old needles.

Some styling of branch pad needs to leave old needles.









Next day on 27th, I didn’t touch Tosho. Team daijuen working at Shimpukuji all day.









I finished trimming on 28th. Also I had touched to repotting on 29th.

I try to take off old soil without damage on root.















Set up new angle by Oyakata. Then Crazy tied up tree to bottom of pot.







Same pot as before.