Crazy Journey 1

  • Published: 2016.1.24
  • author: crazy
 “Are you busy for Kokufu?”
 I received mail from Adam in Australia on beginning of 2013. That was just greeting mail on new year for us.

 I starghted to chatting about bonsai with him when I was Daiju-en apprentice.
 Daiju-en is very busy to prepare Meifu-ten in Nagoya and Kokuf-ten in  Tokyo. Also some of other bonsai exhibition around nursery.
 Asking how much busy means fixed phrase for us on January.
 Usually I reply in our fixed phrase. But, I sent big different answer as that on 2013.
 “I did not prepare for Kokufu. I’m packing my bonsai tools to go to over see.”
 I planned to go to Russia by ferry. Then I jump on Trans-Siberian Railway to go to west. I just wanted to meet some bonsai people around each station.
 So I sent this mail.
 “I’m making some document to make visa to go to Russia now.”
 But, Russia visa needs every schedule to arrive time, checkin time and checkout time, etc.
 I hope I have secretary everyday. But, I could not outsourcing for that. So I have to try inexperienced desperately and concentration.
 I thought thats fast step for my dream. I want to go around the world by transcontinental railroad and stop over some station to looking at bonsai everywhere. But, I try to get Australian visa.
 Adam keep mail me some good reason to go to Australia for me. His wife is Japanese nurse, Melbourne have many Japanese black pine and juniper and similar climate. Suddenly I mail like this.
 “I got visa! I will go to Australia☆”
 We were so surprised.
 I asked the nearest airport and booked with soaring spirit. Also I planned to go to his house from airport by myself.
 I loved “Over The Rainbow:musical1939” and “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. I dreamed somewhere over the rainbow since I was around 8 years old.
 About 20 years later, I was packing my bonsai tools and few clothes with grinning.
 “I’m going over the rainbow‼︎”
 But, I was seems like after shower in the airplane by broke into a cold sweat.
 No Japanese. I could not understand at all.
 I’ll be dead.
《to be continued》