The Contemporary Style

  • Published: 2016.1.19
  • author: crazy

I had got off early Daijuen on today to ship bonsai.





I have to take these boxes to distribution center.



I made this bench to work on bonsai. But, Thats good hand cart too…


I wanted to order to pic up at house. But, These boxes were too big and too heavy.


I walk with this hand cart for half hour in the snowing.



I got pic up point!



I pray these bonsai for safety to get new owners.



I had talked with receptionist and she assented to pic up at house on next time even too big and too heavy.



The my world getting better to us!!




I got phone call from senior master when I’m on the way to home.


“Dress Code : The Contemporary Western Clothes”


I got revelation of senior master.



I have to wear western cloth through Daijuen apprenticeship.



So I go to western cloth shop next….







I don’t know where is that???