Back to Apprentice

  • Published: 2016.1.15
  • author: crazy

I went to around the world since 2013. Many people gave me time when I visited them country. Even that was the first meeting with Crazy. I had saw where I didn’t know, I had met lots of friends who I didn’t know, I had spend so much  happy time and  amazing experience for this three years.

This three years made by Daijuen that gave me so much bonsai time when I was apprentice up there.

But, I quit it when I was 5th year apprenticeship.

I bother “Oyakata:my master” also I want to be everybody happy.


So I took with Oyakata and I back to Daiju-en apprentice today 15th January 2016.

But, I started own bonsai business. So I work for free morning to afternoon at Daiju-en. Then start my one.


I am still unskilled. I will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement from now on.