Michael Levin

  • Published: 2014.1.14
  • author: crazy
ギャラリー :

Owner of Bonsai West in littleton, Massachusetts.

The first time we met was when I was in National Exhibition in New York on 2014.

Few weeks later, I went to his house and bonsai nursery.

We enjoy bonsai.



I went to back many time and we keep in touch.


Also he came to Japan on 2016.

We met again at Gafu-tn in kyoto.

Crazy and Michael



We had crazy night☆ I’m so happy with him.


He have great bonsai collection.




After Crazy 2015-05-19 Bonsai West Collection1




After Crazy 2015-03-20 Bonsai West Collection



I really loving him☆☆☆