Bonsai Tool Bag for Crazy Journey

  • Published: 2015.11.11
  • author: crazy
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Good work needs good tools.

But, I can not go around the world with every bonsai tools. I have to pic for this Crazy journey. I have to think climate of destination and which species I will touch when I choice tools.

So its very flexible to change member of my tool bag.

I met many bonsai enthusiast/crazy all over the world. Some friends gave me new tool. I just show you my favorite tools for now.


for US and EU
Crazy journey on 2015




The first, Tool bag.

I made few trial piece myself and I went leather Crafts master Naoyuki Nakano with blueprint.

He did great job. I’m so happy☆

2015-04-14 15.14.15 のコピー

Middle logo is my family crest and I add to glasswork on top of string. When I started bonsai apprentice at DaijuenMr, Fujiwara was apprentice leader/clerk. He gave me that glasswork.