Who said it??

  • Published: 2018.1.21
  • author: crazy

”No rest for the wicked.”

I’m not wicked. But, I felt not enough time for two years that after finished bonsai apprenticeship.



This is good start blog on 2018, Right?




I had some big event that made me chain to bonsai garden. I mean hard to working outside. So I have to sale my bonsai to keep alive.



This is short movie that we working on yahoo Auction trees.





Bottom one is not finish auction yet. Japanese white Pine and chiojubai were finished auction now. That was too cheap and gave me big red.


Its so happy life.





We made short movie that we working on. Please check this out!



I’m making movie that is the 88th Meifu Bonsai Exhibition.

Its not for money.


I should sale more bonsai!!