I would like to introduce my partner!

I met my life partner through bonsai, like true destiny. He is a professional bonsai artist. He left Japan to work on bonsai overseas 4 years ago. At that time, I had just started studying bonsai in Japan. So our paths did not cross for these three years.

In my prefecture, Aichi, there is a bonsai exhibition called Meifu-ten which is held once a year. It is the third biggest exhibition in Japan. This year was 87th year!

We met at the 86th, while I was there helping setup the show with my Master.

At first sight I didn’t feel he was special ^__^ lol.

But life has an interesting way of turning out and he is now my partner.

He wears sunglasses all the time because he is sensitive to strong light, which meant I couldn’t see his facial expressions well, but what I could see was he was always smiling.

Behind his smile though he had many struggles throughout his life. I found him to be a passionate and hardworking man.

One bonsai professional I met said he had never see such a hardworking man in all his experience and he asked me to teach him to rest and slow down, it is important to rest sometimes!

The Nursery where I study hasn’t had apprentices for a long time. Usually apprentices teach newer apprentices their daily tasks and how to behave and the master only teaches the very important matters.

Before I started I was nervous because I had very little bonsai knowledge. I was a bad apprentice at first now that I look back.

My partner took on the role of a senior apprentice for me and scolded me when I complained and he taught about how I should behave while studying under my Master. I learnt how I should be as an apprentice from him. Sometime it was tough and I learnt about his good and bad points during this time, but also developed a strong respect for him.

I now think it would be wonderful to work on bonsai with him forever!

I think we were influenced by another bonsai couple who we know well.

We planning about our future policies.

We will endeavour to make beautiful and great bonsai together that will live on beyond our lives with our combined skills and knowledge. Of course, we look  forward to learning and developing our skills together every day.

We hope that our site is easy to navigate and understand so that everyone can enjoy our bonsai and our stories. We will share the good and the bad experiences and our knowledge.

We are happy if we can help other people in their bonsai journeys, who are looking to improve, looking to start or just are interested in new approaches.

Your support would be much appreciated.

Mori Tomomi